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How does someone get started in a Do It Yourself (DIY) electric car conversion project from their home garage? Many people are considering using an Electric Vehicle (EV) ever since the prices of gasoline shot through the roof. Sadly, to retrofit a car into an EV done by a professional workshop will set you back as much as $4000. The investment is out of range for most people. An alternative is to convert your car to EV by yourself at home. What do you need to initiate a DIY electric car modification project? This article will provide some useful information on the subject.The idea of an EV conversion is to remove the internal combustion engine from the chassis of the car. All other associated components of the engine such as gas tank, fuel lines and radiator will also be removed. The propulsion for the car will be generated by an electric motor. The existing drive train such as the transmission, drive shafts and clutch system can still be used.An electric motor generates torque by the process of Electric Induction. The power to the motor is supplied by a series of lead acid flood batteries stored on the car. The number of batteries required will depend of the power output of the motor and the overall weight of the car. The amount of force produced by the motor will be controlled by an amp regulator. The regulator acts as the accelerator paddle of the car.If you are not well verse with cars, all the information above may not make any sense to you. DIY project may not work for you. What you can do is to outsource the retrofitting project to a mechanic friend. You should at least have some basic understanding on EV conversion process. This is to safe guard you from being billed for unnecessary parts. To gather the knowledge, you can purchase electric car conversion guides from the internet.

Electric Car Conversion Kit – Save Fuel Cost by Using Electric to Power Your Car – Cars Modification

The biggest challenge facing many people today is the rising fuel prices at the local station. Nowadays, an average household has more than one car. Hence, gasoline expense bill is fast becoming a major concern. Are there any solutions to solve this problem? One suggestion is to use electricity as an alternative energy source for your car. How does to system works? This article will reveal the secret of using an electric car conversion kit to convert a car into an electric vehicle.The electric car retrofitting process starts by identifying which car you want to convert. The idea is to replace the internal combustion engine with an electric motor drive train. The electric motor will get its power from multiple lead flooded batteries stored behind the car. A voltage regulator is used to control the flow of electric current to the motor. The regulator will control the acceleration rate of your car. Next, the whole system is linked to a central circuit board. For safety reason, the circuit board will also act as a cut off switch in case there is a power surge.For anyone who has no electrical or car maintenance knowledge, you may not understand what all these parts are used for. If you prefer, you can get a mechanic to do the conversion for you. What you would need is to understand the science behind an electric car conversion kit. By having some basic knowledge on the system, it is easier for you to communicate with the mechanic. This is also to prevent you from getting cheated of charged for some unnecessary parts. There are many electric car modification guides on the internet. All you have to do is do a search online for it.

Introduction To Car Wrapping – Cars Modification

Personalizing your car is not a new concept, it has been around for years- for year’s people have ‘pimped’ up their ride by adding body kits, custom spray jobs and private registration plates- in fact the good old slogan bumper sticker could be considered a form of personalization. What, however, has prevented it from becoming a widespread trend is the presumption that it is costly, a car for many people is an incredibly expensive purchase- why fork out £1000 for a paint job that you will probably want to change in several years time anyway?Several factors have led to the increasing desire to personalize ones car; firstly television shows such as Pimp My Ride offer an insight into extreme car modification with many participants driving away with the custom spray job, six in car plasma screens and an in-car coffee maker- the works. Secondly; car manufacturers such as Mini and Fiat are now giving buyers the choose the finishings to your car, allowing you to add and remove features such as checked roofing, racers stripes, and chrome detailing producing a car unique to the models displayed in the showroom.Of course if you don’t fancy purchasing a new car altogether there are several options that are cheaper and non permanent- giving you the chance to remove whatever personal touch you choose to inflict on the poor vehicle before you sell it on. I am of course speaking about vehicle wraps. Vehicle wraps, traditionally used for commercial livery, is now readily available for use on personal vehicles. Its works by digitally printing your chosen image or design onto highly conformable films which are then carefully applied to the car, they can then be removed at a later date revealing your paintwork still in its original pristine condition.Obviously this technique is still widely used for commercial vehicles, and I predict that their popularity with personal car users is set to increase; ranging from small vinyl graphic designs to completely transform your vehicle, a car wrap really is the future of car personalization and vehicle graphics.

Installing Custom Car Doors – Cars Modification

For most, the car is a necessity. Cars help them go around the city and transfer from one place to another. There are those who keep their cars in perfect condition in order to prevent accidents or in order to keep their cars from breaking in the middle of the highway. Majority of the populace own a car or two since this is the preferred transportation. It is hard to find someone who will prefer a public transportation to a car. There is no denying that travelling in your own vehicle is more comfortable and convenient. You do not have to worry about missing the trip or not having enough fare for the trip.Although majority of the populace consider cars as necessity, there are those who view their cars as status symbols and expressions. This is probably one reason why these car owners go to the extremes when it comes to customizing and modifying their cars. Car modifications are not complete without installing custom car doors. These automobile doors can be customized and installed at the shop or you can have it customized and install it yourself.To install custom car doors personally here are some easy steps: Roll down all the windows.
Remove the screws securing the car panel. Screws are usually located on the corners, surrounding the window handle, and in places where there is something mounted on the door. You can save the screws for older cars. Newer cars come with clips that can only be used once. When you are purchasing new screws do not forget to bring your old ones for comparison.
Remove everything that is mounted on the old car panel. Once everything is removed, it is now time to take out the old car panel. When you are removing the old door be careful not to damage the mounting.
Once the old car door is out it is now time to install your new custom car doors. Before you fasten the doors make sure that it is in the right position. There should be no bulging on any part of the door. If you have to force the door in place then the angle might be off.
Be gentle when installing custom car doors because it can easily snap.For better fitting custom car doors, you can always use your car’s old door panels as base.

The Benefit of Electric Car Conversion Companies – Cars Modification

Electric-powered cars are becoming quite trendy nowadays among car owners; you may convert the car yourself or hire electric car conversion companies. The increasing popularity of electric cars is due to a number of reasons. First reason is the environment-conscious effort to save the Earth. It is one way of promoting environmental awareness since these cars do not contribute to pollution because they run on batteries, leaving only clean smoke emissions.Without pollution, the environment is protected and there is lesser smog in the city. Aside from that, these cars are more cost efficient to drive around as it is no longer necessary for one to purchase costly gas for it to run. Plus, there are fewer parts that may breakdown, thus you will acquire lesser expenses on parts. You are also making use of energy which is renewable wherein prices do not fluctuate as much.If you plan to convert your car to an electric one, you must first have it fitted. Then purchase the necessary parts. For those who are very familiar with cars and have the right machinery and tools, the best option is to either buy the whole kit or buy it piece by piece and install it yourself. This way, you can save money by not having to pay professional service fees.There are different kits available depending on the type of car you have. And since it is all-in-one, you do not have to waste time shopping for individual parts. However, if you have a bigger and bulkier car, it is recommended that you buy the components separately in order to customize it. Although, there are still a lot of eclectic car owners who chose not to make car modifications.If you want to convert your car but do not have any knowledge or skill, then you can let a car conversion company handle it. Car conversion companies are well-equipped in tools, skilled mechanics, garages, and have had varied experiences to smoothly convert your gasoline-powered car into an electric-powered one. The most popular electric car conversion companies are Lab Shelf and Kaylor Energy products.

Making Your Car Audio System Into a Head Turner – Cars Modification

We live in a fast-paced, digital and high technology world where everything new is constantly being sought after, where designs are cutting edge instead of practical; where lavish and extreme go hand in hand. And the constant change does not only end in with the internet and the companies even our cars can now avail of various technology upgrades that can definitely turn it into a thing of beauty. There are a lot of things that you can do for the outside appearance of your car. Nowadays there are a lot of paint job designs available and there are a lot of car modification kits available at various shops for almost any type of car model you have. However, when we talk about electronics and technology, this would always refer to what is inside the car simply because almost all complex operations and systems are placed internally. Not only does it refer to what is inside of your car, most of the time, it also refers to your car audio system since a sound system is by far one of the most sought after electronics inside a car and not only is it sought after, it also complements the car itself aside from accompanying the passengers inside it.The very first upgrade that you need to consider for your soon-to-be head turner of a car is the head unit. The head unit replaces the old radio receivers that just simply pick up radio signals from the stations. The modern head unit surpasses its predecessors by a mile, not only does it picks up radio waves in also receives signals from satellites. The head unit is definitely the epitome of beauty, design and technology seamless incorporated into each other. Not only does it contain into its little compartment a vast array of technology and gadgets, it is also the best representative of all the upgrades that you may want to add in, it is the centerpiece of the whole car audio system. New models of head units can now play a wide range of media platforms ranging from audio to video as well as CDs, MP3s, and DVDs and even external storage devices. They no longer have bulky buttons but they now feature wide screen monitors and touch screens instead. They also offer a wide array of operations such as play lists where each driver just specifically play a preselected list of music and sounds and each of the car user would have to just simply select it depending on the mood and atmosphere that they like. Global positioning systems are also now very available and it constantly locates your exact location as well as calculates the distance and the hours it would take for you to reach your destination by inputting the desired coordinates through a satellite link.Aside from the head unit, there are also a lot more upgrades that you can install inside your car but by far, this device composes mostly the better part of it just because of its usability and wide availability of design and functionality. When you need to upgrade your car interior, always start with this component and I am certain that all the rest will start to flow in naturally.

Protect Your Vintage Automobile With the Proper Classic Car Insurance – Cars Modification

Are you one of those people who have taken a long time and worked to reconstruct a classic car? Or perhaps you inherited or purchased an antique car. It is essential that you do everything you can in order to make that this car is protected. How does your classic car function in terms of auto insurance? Did you know that classic car insurance differs in the coverage it requires?Regular cars are valued less every year. Antique or classic cars, however, not only hold their worth but also gain in value. So you want to find a classic car insurance policy that protects the total value of your auto. You want an insurance policy that offers “agreed value.” That means you and your auto insurance company, assess the monetary value of your vintage car and, in the event of a total loss, you will be paid that precise sum.How do you ascertain the assessment of your motorcar? You can employ an appraiser, but, if you have a stock original vehicle that has had no modifications or additions, there are many resource guides and pricing guides that will give you a true estimate of your car’s measure. If you’ve made meliorations or additions to the car that you believe augment its value, you need to engage an authenticator to support your claim.If you buy an automobile insurance policy that outlines an involuntary value appreciation, you won’t have to review your insurance as much. Some carriers automatically increase the vehicle’s economic value by 2 percent every 3 months, up to 8 percent each year, at no extra cost. If, however, you don’t have this option, you should go over your policy and your car’s value on a yearly basis to be sure you have sufficient coverage.Both you and your car will have to meet certain qualifications to buy classic car insurance. Perhaps most monumental of all is that you have no negative reports on your driving record. You’ll also have to establish that all the drivers in your household have access to some other vehicle for daily driving needs. Vintage car insurance underwriters will restrict the number of miles you can drive each year. In addition, many insurers will call for the principal proprietor and driver to have a minimum of five years’ driving experience.Classic car insurance is much less expensive than average car insurance because of the limitations. The financial obligation portion of your vintage auto policy may cost less than $100 per year, because you won’t be driving the car very much and, when you do, you’ll be driving it very cautiously. The physical-damage portion of your policy, the part that protects you from theft, vandalism and fire losses, will be more expensive and equals approximately 1 percent of the total evaluation of the car.Some companies offer additional protection unique to classic cars, such as “restoration coverage” which increments the value of the car while an active restoration project advances, “auto show medical reimbursement” pays if you’re injured at an auto exhibit or other car affair, and automatic coverage for new classic autos you add to your accumulation.

VW Passat-ism: Off to Boggle Car Aficionados – Cars Modification

Passat, a car named after the wind, is the latest big thing from Volkwagen. Since its inception, said model has distinguished reputation in the automotive world. The versatile car has won some 20 international prizes. Awards like “iF design” and the “Gelber Engel” from ADAC automobile club, are just few of the awards receive by Passat. With the passage of time and with the breakthroughs that go with it, Volkswagen has designed the newest version of Passat in a way to boggle the desires of car aficionados.The new V-Line aerodynamic package introduced by the automaker, clearly demonstrates that Volkswagen car accessories used in Passat have the true making of an exquisite and true sports car. Said package includes side sills, rear skirt, front skirt, tailgate lip and double tail pipe trim. The package is responsible for reducing the aerodynamic drag of standard cars. Aside from that, it also complements the looks of Passat.V-Line aerodynamic package concept used in VW Passat is based on Moonraker, also from Volkswagen lineup. Conceptualization and creation of said project took seven months to complete. However, the effort is worth it because Volkswagen Passat turned out to be an epitome of impressive synthesis. It exudes a racy aura that meets high consumer’s high demands.Volkswagen designers gave the new Passat a distinct honeycombed design on the front grille to make it more striking. The middle and side grille also come in contrasting colors to give it distinct aesthetic identity. It is ideal for drivers who want a daily dose of driving adventure in a premium character plus the bold style that every driver wishes to possess.Volkswagen Passat V-Line has undergone slight modifications in its springs. Said modifications lower the vehicle by 25 to 30 millimeters as well as the suspension travel limiters. The V-Line aerodynamic package is also complimented by the 18-inch Velos alloy wheels, which come in titanium and chrome-silver color. The rims of Passat are also wrapped with Pirelli P Zero R Assimetrico to complete the sporty appearance of the car.

Modified Car Forums: Finding The Right Solutions For Your Car Problems – Cars Modification

Nowadays, you don’t always have to go to your mechanic when your car starts giving you issues. There are ways in which you can fix the problems on your own, if you have the right sources to refer to. A popular option that many car owners seem to like these days is that of modified car forums. Once you get involved with fixing small aspects of your vehicle, you are much more likely to be interested in fixing up the other problems associated with the vehicle as well. In the process of doing this, changing a lower rated component for a better rated one cannot be ruled out.Understanding the engine aspectsIf you are curious about the engine and what exactly makes it tick, then these modified car forums are the best place for you to go to. Not only will you get to properly understand what components need to be changed, but you might also be able to properly understand how exactly this makes a difference and what you stand to gain. Some new owners might need to be explained things in more detail than what the manual might provide, which can be obtained by visiting these forums.Modifying physical appearanceThe more important part that most people seem to be interested in learning about would probably be alterations to the body and making their vehicle stand out in the crowd. This is definitely a desirable thing to look into, but nevertheless, something that you would want to learn more about before getting involved with. In this manner, you would want to be careful about not removing something that would affect the stability of the car. Many of these modified car forums have detailed discussions regarding this, so that you can properly understand what you are changing.Miscellaneous modificationsIf you just thought that these modified car forums were all about discussion the usual modifications possible for your car, think again. There are certain discussions that discuss in great length about certain changes that can definitely make a big difference to how a car can behave. Hence, this is something that you would want to look into, if you haven’t done so already. There are certain tips and tricks that you can use to enhance the performance and even the appeal to your Car tuning. Many car owners make use of these in order to get the best out of their own vehicle.Thus, you might need to search around a little bit in order to get the right kind of modified car forums suitable for answering the queries that you might have. Don’t give up the search midway though, since you might really need to look and check the things out before you could decide to go in for any particular solution. Even browsing through these forums might be a good idea, as you might stumble upon some fix that your manual simply did not have. There have been cases where minor alterations have led to dramatic changes in the performance of the vehicle.

Do it Yourself Four Wheel Drive Modifications – Cars Modification

Those who are talented with their hands will know that there are a lot of Four Wheel Drive Accessories that you can fit to your car with a reasonable amount of ease. Whether or not you make the accessories yourself is a totally different ball game, but a lot of people will do both of these. Some of the 4wd modifications that people make and fit themselves include bull bars, sidesteps, rear bars, tyre carriers, rear drawer setups, overhead consoles, extra lighting in a vehicle, snorkels, exhaust systems, body lift blocks and a huge range of other bits and piecesOf course, the level of skill that you have and the equipment that you own will largely decide on whether you can do this, but a lot of it isn’t that difficult. If you want to have a crack give it a go; you will save a massive amount of money if you build something that is reasonable quality. The best thing about do it yourself modifications on your vehicle is that you can make them to suit your car in every possible way. A lot of the standard items that you purchase from the store are not exactly what you need, and on top of this they are incredibly expensive.Bar work is quite easy to knock up if you have a grinder, safety gear and a welder. There are a huge number of designs available on the internet, and the same applies for rear drawer setups, tire carriers and various other modifications. Generally the finer modifications are left to proper manufacturers (roof racks, spotlights, extractors etc.